The Dragon's Lair

A. Books

B. The Devil's Gallery

The Devil's Gallery is a collection of six hundred and fifty images to awaken even the most lazy of minds. If the combination of graphics and aphoristic wisdom penetrate your heart any less severely than would an arrow, then I will have failed in my task. The viewer program has an extra-fast text mode and full search capability.

SAMPLE a few pictures from The Devil's Gallery
DOWNLOAD a mini-version of The Devil's Gallery (80 images (of 650), 900kb Zip file)

"Oil painting and colour are for women and the lazy." - Michelangelo

C. Radio Programs

- Audio and Transcripts -

In 1995 David Quinn and I began broadcasting "The Hour of Judgment" on Brisbane radio. Our aim was to meet various experts in dialogue about Ultimate issues.


Producers and hosts: Kevin Solway and David Quinn
Technical Assistants: Paul Fillery, Ed Richardson
Research: Dan Rowden and Sue Hindmarsh
Assistants: Raymond Bergmann, Kie-Wei Choong

D. The Atheist Archives

The Atheist Archives is a collection of newsletters and some of the interesting correspondence of The Atheist Society of Australia. Among the correspondence are letters with Canadian naturalist David Suzuki and in-depth correspondence with Australian media personality Phillip Adams.

Atheist Society of Australia Page

E. NewSpeak Translator

Description: Newspeak automatically edits your writing to make it:
either (a) Old Fashioned & Beautiful.
or (b) fashionable and politically correct.

Also included are
1. The Thinking Man's Reference of Politically Correct Terms
2. Essay: The New Social Canon of Political Correctness
3. The PC Manifesto (including "A PC Primer")
4. What people say and what they mean
5. Politically correct bedtime story
6. Comments on George Orwell's "1984"

SAMPLE from The Thinking Man's Reference of Politically Correct Terms
DOWNLOAD NewSpeak (Complete, 110kb .ZIP, for Windows)

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