The Disciple asked:
What is a misogynist?

The Master replied: I do not know; but it is used by cowards as a term of abuse for those who say what everybody thinks. Cowards are the men who cannot approach a woman without going out of their minds and becoming treacherous. They buy the womanís favour by serving their friendsí heads on a silver platter; and they absorb so much femininity that they see with her eyes and feel with her feelings. Agreed: there are things you do not mention in everyday conversation, and you do not tell your woman what is the essence of her gender; but one is sometimes allowed to write it. Schopenhauer put it best, Nietzsche not badly, Joséphin Péladan is the master; Thackeray wrote Menís Wives, but that was suppressed; Balzac unmasked Caroline in The Physiology of Marriage, and Petty Troubles of Married Life; Otto Weininger, having discovered the treachery when he was twenty, did not wait for the revenge but left the scene.

by August Strindberg

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