A Small Sample from Poison for the Heart
on The Thinking Man's CDROM

by Kevin Solway

Copyright (c) Kevin Solway 1990

The misconception that the "new age" movement
has anything at all to do with spirituality.

Boredom can only be suffered for so long, before a change is needed. The latest break-out of activity has been called the "new age" movement. It arises out of discontent and is a resounding vote of no-confidence in traditional religion and science. The consensus is that while the prevailing structures may bring outer stability and security, they are not conducive to the promotion of inner spiritual resources within individuals. It is claimed that our modern technological society provides for the stomach, but not for the soul.

I hereby rename the "new age" the woman's age. For to be honest, we are seeking to satisfy the heart - let's leave the spirit out of it! Needs of the spirit are impossible for a spiritless people. But thanks to the new-found voice of our women, and their new-found power over men, we are hearing of the needs of the heart. Creativity, intuition, emotion . . . let them come - and let reason come too! For only reason can destroy heart. And why must the heart be killed? Because reason is human, and the heart is animal.

Modern times have been a strain on old ways, and on old ideals and hopes. For all our scholarship, we have yet to discover peace. All our philosophy and theology have brought us no closer to understanding life. Science has defeated itself and become relative. Thus we no longer believe in truth, have given-up on truth, in favour of utility. For all these reasons, the male of our species, the dreamer, has lost his ability to dream. He has lost confidence in himself and has fallen back on his inner feminine resources. Women are all too keen to lend him a helping hand; but nor do they hesitate to put the boot in while he is down, debasing him further. Now, having abandoned his own will, and having had it kicked out of him by woman, he has become a vehicle for the will of woman. He has discovered heart, but I tell you, the heart is animal!

The "new age" is the very embodiment of nihilism. It says "There is no Truth, all is acceptable, all are aspects, all is truth." I am not the first madman to say "God is dead," but I am the first to say that he died of too much truth!

It is the distorted reason in man which denies heart. And it is the heart in a man, the heart he denies, which distorts his reason. It is the heart in a woman which denies reason. And it is the heart in a woman, the heart she loves, which brings her to want to satisfy her heart. Both woman, and the woman in man, saw through the faulty masculine rationality. But this woman did not see through the fault of her own heart!

I tell you, the heart is animal, and because we are animals we have ever a tendency to go again on all fours. I fear that just as water flows downhill, following the path of least resistance, we will fall from the snow-capped mountains and clear skies of reason, down to the engulfing hell-fires and heavens of the heart. Granted, we will not have far to fall, as our reason has yet only made a base-camp in the foothills - where it promptly forgot its task. Yet here at least one might get a breeze of cool air from the tops, which might incline our gaze upwards.

The modern woman is more masculine than her predecessor; but if man is pseudo-rational then the modern woman is further again removed from the ideal, for she is a pseudo-man. Her "new age" philosophy is devoid of any intellect at all. At best, science is pseudo-truth, but the "new age" is mere pseudo-science, though with a feminine heart. And the heart is animal.

    The Barrier

To know the truth is one thing,
To understand it, another.
So go through intellect to Love,
And avoid a lot of bother.

To see the truth is no attainment
But to have faith is the goal.
Having climbed to the very top,
You must now let go of the pole.

To plunge into the inky blackness.
To apply the truth to oneself.
To enter oneself into the equation,
Is to cross the infinite gulf.

This cannot be learnt from words
Nor teachers, gurus, and priests.
Friends and family cannot help you here,
It is time to attack the beast.

Then one becomes an individual,
Never again to share.
Alone in the world, without friend or foe,
This is indeed hard to bear.

But have faith and believe
In the earth, and the sea.
Be confident, ruthless, and strong.
If you want to be free then make everything "Me".

Penetrating that tiny space between heaven and earth,
With the strength of a mind that is sure.
One by one, all things will fall quietly away,
And you will pass through that door.

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