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  If Otto Weininger continues to inspire genius through what he has left us then I will consider half my work already done. His book Sex and Character is one of the few masterpieces of modern times. In it, Weininger overflows with profound insight, deepest love, and awesome courage. To quote the eloquent author of an old book:

We have all come under the spell of Otto Weininger, even those of us who have never heard of him, for he was one of those geniuses whose ideas echo far beyond any sound that is made by their names. . .

  Otto Weininger's extraordinary life culminated in the publication of his timeless work Sex and Character. Soon after the publication he went to Italy to await results. There appeared to be none, and during the next four months an intellectual malady, described by his friends as "a too grave sense of responsibility," became acute. On October 4, 1903, at the age of 23, he took his own life.

 . . . "Sex & Character" began to sell. It ran through printing after printing. It was translated into innumerable languages, and in a few years his publishers could declare with no more than pardonable exaggeration that no scientific book in the whole history of books had ever a greater success.

Kevin Solway

"The man came as a meteor and disappeared as suddenly. It was only when he had passed that his ideas started to sparkle, electrifying the world. Some regarded him as a biologist, others as a psychologist, still others called him a mystic. Though generally considered a realist, he was at the same time strongly suspected of dealing in fantasies. He was praised for his invincible logic and attacked for his crusade against women. He was full of contradictions. His name became the signal for dispute and controversy in a thousand cities."

"Weininger's nature forced his mind on long expeditions into psychology, biology, literature, and philosophy, journeys from which he never returned. Dissatisfied with scientific research, discontent with his own restless nature, he went farther and farther along the paths of speculative thought until he was, at the end, quite alone."

"It would be hard to find another man who showed even in mild form the characteristics and the mental processes that Otto Weininger revealed in the extreme."

- Abrahamsen




1. "Sex and Character: An Investigation
of Fundamental Principles"

(A new English translation by Prof. Ladislaus Löb)


2."Sex and Character - with interlinear translation"
(A new English translation by Robert Willis, with English and German lines following each other.)
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Otto Weininger: Collected Aphorisms,
Notebook and Letters to a Friend


"On Last Things"
(An English translation of Weininger's Über die letzten Dinge, by Steven Burns.)


Weininger Resources CD-Rom
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Otto Weininger's Notebook.

An English translation of the aphorisms from Weininger's Notebook.


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